This machine is used for de-husking paddy and is fitted with two rubber rolls that run in opposite directions. Because of the friction developed in the crushing chamber, the machine offers up to 95% efficiency in shelling.


  • Installed with a sensor which automatically activates and de-activates the shelling system.

  • Equipped with a movable arm which moves closer to the fixed arm based on the pressure settings.

  • Machine is equipped with both automatic and manual modes.

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    Code No. Product Name Capacity on Paddy Speed Power Recommended Dimensions (L * B * H in mm)
    RS5F00 PNEUMATIC HUSKER 3-4 Ton/hr 1270 RPM 10-12.5 HP/1440 RPM 1500 * 1000 * 1300

    * Motors marked * will be supplied along with the machine.

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