This machine is specially designed to separate broken rice from head rice based on length of the input grain


  • Equipped with adjustable collection tray to ensure best separation.

  • Equipped with a brush to clean the indents.

  • Equipped with easily removable two half screens.

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    Code No. Product Name Capacity on Paddy Speed Power Recommended Dimensions (L * B * H in mm)
    RGIF00 RICE GRADER GEM 1 Ton/hr 54 RPM 1 HP/1440 RPM* 3236 * 650 * 795
    RG3F00 RICE GRADER-3T 3 Ton/hr 28-38 RPM 2 HP/1440 RPM* 4100 * 1075 * 1600

    * Motors marked * will be supplied along with the machine.

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