This machine is used to strengthen the nutritional value of rice by blending it with FRK rice. Particular quantities of FRK rice and head rice are weighed with the help of load cell technology and then blended using a specially designed SS ribbon. Made mandatory by Indian government if rice miller needs to supply to FCI


  • Easy to integrate seamlessly with Exisiting Production line.

  • The Material contact parts all made of SS-Stainless Steel.

  • Module design for easy installation and Operation.

  • User friendly HMI interface with Auto Selection of FRK percentage.

  • Fully pneumatics operated with load cells.

  • PLC Based system with touchscreen controls.

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    Code No. Product Name Capacity on Paddy Speed Power Recommended Dimensions (L * B * H in mm)
    RFR00 FORTIFIED RICE RIBBON BLENDER 3-4 Ton/hr 48 RPM 2 HP/1400 RPM* 875 * 740 * 2340

    * Motors marked * will be supplied along with the machine.

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