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About Our Products

We have the full range of rice mill products needed for you, to produce high quality rice. Right from pre-cleaners to color sorters.

Our products are made with the best possible input materials. Long lasting, reliable and made completely in-house.

Why Choose Suri Engineers


What better company to trust than one with 50 years of experience in the business. In a market with hundreds of names, choose the brand that has stood the test of time.

Superior Quality

Get a competitive edge in the market. By using our rice mill machines, you’ll be able to produce high-quality rice that meets international standards.

Affordable Prices

Suri Engineers is driven to make world class products but at reasonable prices. Our machines pay back the investment super fast, which drives higher profitablity for our customers.


A Company You Can Trust

15000 +


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Years in Service


Dedicated Employees

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Ensuring Complete Satisfaction To Our Clients


We set up a 6TPH boiled Suri Plant and the performance is excellent. Broken rice is minimal and polish is very good. We are extremely happy with Suri Engineers.

Bimal Mohan Agro



We are running a 8TPH Suri Rice Mill with NS 1010 color sorter since 1 year. The output is more than what the team promised. The machines are built for rugged conditions and are very low maintenance. You can happily choose Suri.

Maa Sharda Rice Mill

Madhya Pradesh

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